Guys Welcome to another new article where I am going to discuss the Truth or Dare app for Android 2019. Did you play this game on a child stage?
I think you’ve played this game. If you don’t play this game yet, try once you will love it. Truth or Dare game is not the same as other games because it is a game that cannot play without friends. Let’s get started, here are the Top Ten Truth or Dare app.

Top Ten Truth or Dare app

Truth or Dare – Spin the Bottle

It is the best Truth or Dare game ever. This is the best truth or dare game. In it, you get three options for playing games – the Truth and Dare app for kids, teens, and adults. You can play this game with friends and family. You have to name the players and spin the bottle where it closes, he must accept the truth or dare. This game is fun when you play with many friends. Overall, It is the most awesome Truth and Dares app ever. Download it from here,

Truth or Dare app

It is the ultimate Truth or Dares app with clean and dirty dares for teens, kids, and adults. You get the hundreds of truth and dare questions. You can add your own dirty or clean dares into the app. It is an offline game so wifi or internet connection is not required to play this game. It has three different game mode and they are kids, teens, and adults. The adult mode should only be played if you are above 18 years old because it contains dirty dares. This is a perfect Truth or Dare app for kids.

Truth or Dare Game for Couple and Friends

This game is specially designed for couples. Challenge your partner with more than 1000 dares and truth. If you do not have a partner, you can play this game with your friends. You’re about to spend an unforgettable night and break the ice. It has 5 levels and they are Fun, Soft, Hot, Hard, Extreme. Fun and soft are free to play but hot, hard and extreme should pay to play. Overall, This is the best Truth or Dare app for couples and friends.

Truth or Dare – Dirty Adult

If you are under 18, kindly skip this app because it contains dirty Truth or dare. The game is extremely good for bonding relationships when hangout together. It contains 400+ free truth and dares to get you ready for an awesome party. It has three modes and they are casual, party and dirty. Casual and party modes for family, friends, and kids. Sometimes casual modes become dirty so the developer should be aware of this. Overall, It is the best Truth or Dare app for adults.

Truth Or Dare 2019

Truth or Dare 2019 is the latest game. It has a good UI. There are three different game modes adults, teens, and kids. It is the same game as others dare game. You can add your questions and play up to 15 players. You get the scoreboards to check the score of your own and others. It has lots of advertisements and popups every minute. This Truth or Dare

Truth Or Dare Kids

It designed for kids. You get hundreds of truth and dare questions. All the truth and dares are suitable for all children. No need to pay the extra money, it’s completely free to play. You can Play with up to eight players. T Truth or Dares for kids is a perfect Truth and Dare app.

Truth or Dare App

This Truth or Dare App is suitable for couples, teenagers, adults, and kids. You can play this game whenever you want and wherever you are. It has 900 + dares and lots of funs. You can add your questions, dares, and truth. It has premium features for paid peoples. It brings out the laugh and creates a good aura between friends. You can make funny categories and questions too.

Truth Or Dare Challenge

This app is good and fun. You can play truth or dare and all sorts of things to do. Truth or Dare Challenge is a complete package with lots of awesome dares. It is not only the Truth and dares questions app. It contains love games, jokes, love stories, love calculators and valentine cards.

Truth or Dare – You Dare?

It is a new truth or dares app. The app for daring people with hundreds of challenges that will surprise you. It supports more than 30 languages. You can add category and own dares. It has 6 categories and they are couples, drunk, hot, extreme, football and normal. download it and try once.

Truth or Dare App – Teen Editions

It is another best dare app for Truth or dares lovers. You can find more than 500 + dare questions. You can play for hours and hours with your partner or friends. Overall, It is an ok app.

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