Top 10 Free Music Apps Without Internet For Android – 2019

Top 10 Free Music Apps Without Internet For Android: Free music apps are useful while travelling. These apps work both online and offline. You need to download music online when an internet connection is available and Here are the top 10 music apps that don’t require an internet connection.

Top 10 Free Music Apps Without Internet For Android


Deezer is the best Free music app where you can listen to over a million songs. This app offers different songs and can listen to songs from favorite authors. Deezer is free apps but if you want to download the songs, you have to pay money. But don’t worry, after signing up you get the 10 days free. In this period, you can download music and listen to music without the internet. Deezer app may be the first choice because it is the best free music app without the internet for android.


Soundcloud is a popular platform where a large number of songs are available. You can upload your favorite music on it. You can find your favorite artists and follow him to get his latest songs. If you want to download and listen to music offline, you have to pay money. You can listen offline free music on the SoundCloud app, after purchasing Soundcloud Go packages. You can easily get thousands of music on SoundCloud android app.

Google Play Music

Google play music is the Best Free Music Apps Without Internet for android. It comes in almost every android device. If you are searching for the best free music player app for android, Google Play Music is the best music app that doesn’t need wifi. It allows you to listen to all the soundtracks saved in your device. This app works offline and you can store thousands of music and listen to Google Play Music.


If you don’t want to pay for music, Audiomack is a great free music app. There you can get thousands of music that doesn’t need to pay. Audiomack is a free music app without wifi where you can download music over wifi and listen to them offline. If you are a great music lover like me, this app for you. This app gives you unlimited access to all kinds of music around the world. It has a beautiful layout.


Shazam has allowed you to find the most obscure songs that aren’t even on the radar in popularity. It can pick up the faintest sound well and clear. You can listen more than a thousand new free music without WiFi Internet For Android. You have the option to play a little clip and even see lyrics, and you can open it on youtube via shazam. Overall, Shazam is free music apps that don t need wifi every time.

Trebel Music

Trebel Music is the best free music apps without WiFi for Android. You can listen up to thousands of music without the internet. It’s way better than any other music app because you can download unlimited music free without wifi on android. Just download any music from the Trebel Music app and listen to it. Trebel, let’s you download and play music on-demand for free. It is a free music downloader and no wifi needed for listening to music.


Tidal Music is the Best Free Music Apps Without Internet for android. It is the best apps for streaming the original high quality of your favorite music. You can download various music and listen to them offline. It’s a paid app however, you get a free trial for 7 days. If you purchase this app, you can get unlimited free music without the internet.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music one of the coolest and most popular Free Music Apps Without the Internet For Android. You can play millions of free music on your android device. Spotify is also known as a king of streaming millions of music. You can create a playlist of your favourite music. Play any songs, any time, on any devices.


Pandora music and Spotify music are the top popular free music app for android. This app gives you a personalized listening experience that continually evolves with your tastes. You can listen to more than a thousand music without an internet connection. You can also listen online radion. Overall, you must try this app at once.


Spinrilla is one of the best free music apps without wifi on android. If you like to listen to the hippos song, Spinrill provides thousand of hip-pop music for free. Yo don’t need to subscribe to premium features and pay for them. Spinrilla is a free music app where hip-pop remix music is available. Follow your beloved artists in the Spinrilla app and get a notification the second they release new music. Overall, Spinrill is the best free music app for hip-pop lovers.


All the apps that I mentioned above in my article are legal. Some apps may not available in your country. In this case, you need to download the best free VPN apps on your device. Enjoy all the free music apps without the internet on your mobile.

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