Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Root is harmful and headache ! it causes brick and lost warranty! think before rooting your device

 Root gives you full access over smartphone also give you a headache. There are several causes of Root is harmful and headache, if you have less knowledge about root, do some research before rooting. The biggest lost is that your warranty will be terminated. If you buy a new device and less than 1 years I must say no, don't think about rooting otherwise you axing your own feet. Let's discuss why Root is harmful and headache.

 Root is harmful and headache Disadvantage

1) Lost Warranty

Warranty is the best things because if your mobile phone is a breakdown through no fault by self in warranty period company exchange or repair your smartphone without any cost. If you root your device in warranty period and your mobile become dead it cannot exchange. Your warranty will be terminated so that you lost warranty and gain a headache.

2) Small Brick or Death

Many devices became dead while rooting. There are many reasons exist charge less 5 %, flashing custom ROM. When you are installing custom ROM that cannot be compatible with your device cause brick. While rooting your device with laptop or pc internet connection loss or disconnect or turn of your mobile also can brick. think about before rooting your device otherwise can brick.

3) Supersu or Superuser Acess

After rooting device, superuser or Supersu get grand permission all over the app. Some wrong Setting can affect CPU. Device processor is a heart of smartphone overheating can cause heart-attack your device. Your phone will be fast after rooting but it causes damage or death like heart-attack. The wrong setting can kill your CPU system so that think before rooting your device.

4) Adblock, Feature Lost

An advertisement is an only one earning a source of developer rooting can kill developer earning source, it's not bad if you are not a developer. But developer knows about rooting they give you rich feature with ads if you block ads you are missing a rich feature. Adblock is also the biggest disadvantage if you want to get a rich feature. Over Smartness Always Kill think about before rooting your device.
Over Smartness Always Kill


▪  Root Gives You All Access Over Smartphones↗ 

             My Thought | think  before rooting your device

Rooting means, suppose you are in jail and someone opens your door by key after emerge you can do whatever you want, rooting is also the same situation. I personally say that if you serious about root and think to do everything with mobile, you axing your own feet. I recommend if you want to learn and do for fun. Many situations, Root is harmful and headache ! it causes brick and lost warranty! think about before rooting your device.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Root gives you all access over smartphones and advantage of root Custom ROM, Battery Saving, adblocking ...

Root provides you all access over smartphones. There are several advantages of a root-like increase RAM, Storage upgrade, Battery backup, modification Interface style more. If you purchase the most recent smartphone and wondering to root, I have to say no, as a result of your phone warranty will be lost. when rooting your system automatic install Supersu and it provides you permit and require permission over apps.



1)   Custom ROM (Storage Upgrade)

Custom ROM suggests that increase ROM from pre-Rom. you'll be able to increase ROM with custom recovery boot flash. depend on your smartphone brand search on google that Image recovery zip or TWRP app on android phones.

TWRP Apps↗

How to Install Custom ROM

▪ download Custom ROM zip file

▪ don't extract a zip file, download TWRP

▪ Boot Recovery ( Most of the device, Press the HOLD VOL DOWN+ for five seconds)

▪ after that press Install

▪  Press Install zip from sd card and choose zip

▪ Swipe to verify flash

▪ after Install clear cache

▪  All Done.

2)  Adblocking

Popup ads are extremely boring things once we are accessing new sites or apps there's heaps of advertisement and troublesome to scan articles and transfer some fascinating things. Root will granted permission from Supersu to disallow advertisement on an internet site and app. this is often the great advantage of rooting smartphones

3) Battery Saving 

Another best advantage of rooting is to avoid wasting your battery life. Greenify↗ is a tremendous app that stops your autorun apps and will increase your smartphones battery life.

4) Install unsupported apps

Several Smartphones main problem is that a number of the apps on play store didn't install it says your android unsupported or not installing so that root will grant permission to software to install it, it is not good advantage?. many unsupported apps and games you'll be able to download and play.

5) Access all root hidden files

Normal mobile phones don't write and browse permission of some file. Root file manager will access all file to write and read. you can do with file whatever you want. All laptop system file will access from your mobile phones. root provides you everything whatever you want. Also, write and browse operate of the interior system, however, be careful tiny rewrite will brick some app and settings of mobile.

6) take away pre-installed apps

Some of the useless apps are already in the system but never to be used and not so much interesting app. We can not uninstall system pre-installed app but root can uninstall these type botheration apps for a lifetime. Be careful when removing system apps from the smartphone it can't be undone. This is the best advantage of rooting mobile.

Friday, September 21, 2018

How To Root Any Smartphone With Out Pc/laptop Or With Pc/Laptop

Hello, friends today I am going to discuss an about, How To Root Any Smartphone its Advantage &Disadvantage and also My  Opinion about rooting. Rooting means to break a security of mobile phones. It has a lot of advantage and disadvantage like increase storage, uninstall preinstalled app, screen record, upgrade version, hard brick, auto install app, third-party app access your system and many more. Root can access that things which you can not do with unrooted phones. Rooting is not secure if you don't know about root, causes brick and dead your android mobile.

Rooting Method 

1 ) Root without pc 

You can a root your smartphone without a pc or laptop. follow the instruction about rooting without pc. when rooting your smartphone you must have a 55% charge. follow these step of  How To Root Any Smartphone

▪ Free Download  One click root app or Kingo Apk,
▪ Install it on your smartphone,
▪ Lunch Apk(One click or Kingo) and start rooting,
  * Caution: Don't root your smartphone less than 55% charge because of it's cause some brick 
▪ Be patient wait for sometime,
▪ Success or failed,
▪ If failed retry again and again,
  note: If fail again and again try with pc. View 2nd rooting method
▪ If succeed now your phone is rooted,

2) Root with Pc/Laptop

Some of the cause you can not root your smartphone so that you can use a laptop or window pc.
follow the step How To Root Any Smartphone instruction carefully.

▪ Download free Kingo root pc version and install it,
▪ Click Kingo root icon and open it after install,
▪ plug your smartphone via USB Data Cable and turn on a USB debugging mode in developer mode

Note: If Your smartphone does not show developer mode then go to setting and click about phone options and there is Build Number text click it again and again 4 times then press back, you will see developer mode and press it there is a USB debugging, tick it.

▪ Click the root button and root it,

Caution: make sure that your internet connecting is working otherwise you can,t do root. You must have 50% charge on your phone while rooting your device.

▪  Success