Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Email Marketing definition|How to do Email Marketing|

Welcome to my new chapter, I'm going to teach you this article about Email Marketing definition and also How to do Email Marketing. Email Marketing means to integrate your business through your audience via email. From Email Marketing you can easily sell any product but depend on that person whether interested or not. It's good to send an email that persons who are interested. If your audience is not interested, you should make him interested.
How to impress audience through email marketing ↗


How to do Email Marketing?

1) Signup in Email Marketing Tools (Email Marketing Website)

There are lots of tools available on the internet but some of are paid and some of are a little bit free. I personally use MailChimp because it's free but you can use any Email Marketing tools.MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribe. You can use MailChimp for free until 2000 subscriber then you will pay $10 dollar per month. Not just a MailChimp, any of the tools given below helps you to Email Marketing.

▪ MailChimp

2) Build Email List

You can increase your email list through subscriber."Subscribe Me" notification cannot say that your audience does subscribe to your website. If you want to see the happy audience and seems to be subscribed you have to write better content or give something free. You can write an ebook and give your ebook free for all subscriber. It is the best idea to build your email list. Two things never forget it, one thing is that focus on your content another is that give something free to your audience.

3) Make a Campaign and Sent It

After Build Email List, you have to Make a Campaign and Sent to the audience. If you create an email, the email should be made a nice structure. There are many types of a campaign like Newsletter, Marketing Offer, Announcement, Event invitation. The campaign should be sent to your audience according to which campaign you have been using. If you want to send an email to your audience about the marketing offer, then you should send it as an offer letter.

These 3 things improve the first step of your Email Marketing if you want more knowledge about Email Marketing press the subscribe button. These much in this chapter I will meet you in a next chapter. Stay healthy, Stay wealthy and Thank you.

Monday, October 8, 2018

How to impress audience through email marketing |easy method

Email marketing is the best thing that impresses an audience. If you make a beautiful tourist garden but there are no others visitors come to expect you then you will be lost hard work and passion. Email marketing is the key to your business. It is not easy to build email Strategy because your customer maybe not interested in your business strategy. There are a lot of ways you can collect email and send a message but be careful these things can irritate your audience. If your customer irritates they gonna spam your email then can be losses your business.

 What best things that should I do in Email Marketing?

1) Understand Your Audience

You can try to understand your audience when you can understand your audience and just email marketing is easy. In different ways, you can understand your audience, like what product that searches for you more, what product is more focused on it. This is easy to understand different types of audience. You should understand overall for each audience so that you can get difficult to understand the taste of each audience. By observing the audience at the overall, you can do the email marketing.

2) Make It Personal

After understanding the Audience, You should follow this step Make It Personal. When you send an email to any of your audience you should be well-informed and send like, Hello dear, Hello subash. Sending an email like this will lead to audience friend zone because your audience may like you. A good tongue is the tongue of dignity. Speaking as a friend, The audience cannot ignore you.

3) Email Look Clean

Most of the people send a lot of mistakes while sending them an email because of which they can not build the best audience. Email should send completely and design so that the audience will be interesting to see. Heading, Paragraph, Image must be in the correct area. The heading is not written in the last, it should be written in the top. Must be composed under the heading, Imag, and Paragraph After visiting audience your email can look good.

4) Make Unsubscribe Easy

 If the email you send does not appeal to your audience, he searches for unsubscribing. It should be easy to unsubscribe text in the email to unsubscribe it. If your audience can not find unsubscribe link, they can keep your email in the spam folder so that you can never connect with the audience. Make easy unsubscribe link and sent clean message help you a develop email marketing.

These are the main thing in email marketing. Hopefully, you have understood the good news about how to use email marketing. See you next chapter in How to do Email Marketing. Thank you, stay safe, stay healthy and earn more.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Online Digital Marketing in Nepal| Online Digital Marketing Courses|What is Online Digital Marketing

People are in search of the opportunity every time in life. All this is known But it is our fault that we may not be able to understand and understand it when we get it. There is a chance to come, but no wait. So, you should follow the opportunity to get it. Online Digital Marketing is one of the most viral trends in the world. 
Online Digital Marketing in Nepal

Online Digital Marketing Courses

The time now is the Internet or online time. You see, nowadays it has been used in any of the areas and is very important to use. It is said that the prime minister of our country like us does not need government officials and officials who do not know how to use laptops, but how much it would have been used in the country sold out. So we can easily estimate that its use is also good as well as earning knowledge.
               It is not only used in the sold-up country but it is also earning millions of dollars. There are many people who earn money using it now in Nepal, India, Pakistan, many others and those who are looking for opportunities online can also be found very much.

We have lost our real using social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, whereas you can earn lots of money through Online Digital Marketing if you use them all correctly.

Let's go ahead thinking "
How our country is Nepal and we are behind Nepalese technology and how much of our thinking is behind. In order to reach the world from Genesis 4 to Generation, it's going to be 4 Generation in our country, but we and our thinking are in 2 Generation. We are ready to pay 10-12 lakhs of eyes for that country or not to get to that country. Online Digital Marketing is the key of happiness.

And the college that is not seen is willing to pay only one liter of a liter, but a useful training from which we can not learn but also make a good repayment, but if you pay for it, you will be afraid. Something needs to be lost for some reason and only a few things seem to be handy. But always follow the hard work, patience, and patience, and only follow us success.

You can also make money using social networks correctly with Online Digital Marketing. There are also good opportunities to earn money with us or more information, please click on the link below and you can access me on Facebook.

“High-risk high Return, No risk no return”

“Always keep it in mind. Firstly, you follow the way after that success is following you always”

Free Digital Marketing Course| The scope of Digital Marketing

All of you are welcome in the Free Digital Marketing Course, this section will tell you what is the scope in digital marketing and why and how is this the fastest growing field? If you go to the market and go to Digital Market Course, then let me tell you that for a very small course in the market, you may have to pay up to 40000 to 60000. The best way would be to find your own things and get information from the Internet and use it. If you have knowledge of digital marketing then you can easily grow your business.       

The Scope of Digital Marketing

There is a lot of functions inside Digital Marketing, such as social media, Email Marketing Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and many more.
In today's times, people spend more time on Facebook, they connect on Facebook with their friends and family. Instead of watching TV they like to watch videos on YouTube and instead read the newspaper, they read the online blog and articles. This is the main reason that in today's time digital scope of digital marketing is very high.

1) Email Marketing

In any type of marketing, when email is used, it is called email marketing. For email marketing, you must have an email id of another person. Only then will you be able to provide information about your new product with those people. Except you have a great email list, you can not profit in it. You can collect email through your visitors or client. Through Email Marketing you can do Digital Marketing.

 How to impress audience through email marketing↗

2) Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a weapon used in today's business world by which any business can attract and influence its written and determined users. The more content the more likely it is, the targeted, prospective or current users will see the website and then decide to buy their service or product. This increases the number of times to increase business.

3) Mobile Marketing

Sources are said that more than 1.7 billion people available to use the internet and 4.7 billion peoples have a mobile phone so that, Mobile marketing is an effective tool. It is easy and reliable you can be sent your content through SMS, mobile email, voice call.

Why Mobile Marketing
1) The mobile phone is private
2) The mobile phone is carried
3)The mobile phone read social content.

Who can learn Digital Marketing

There is no need to take any degree separately to teach you this. Anyone can learn this Digital Marketing Course. You can learn through youtube videos and free internet courses.

My opinion of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing could be a new system within which customers will acquire info whenever they require. it absolutely was a matter of the past that it was terribly tough to get into a few product or service, however, this methodology has become simple to get info from any product. because of its increasing popularity, it's additionally a much better choice for employment

Monday, October 1, 2018

make money on mobile without investment.is it possible?

Yes, it's possible to make money on mobile without investment. Many peoples are unemployed all over the world wherefore not, they don't have a skill wherefore that they don't know how to do it. Everybody thinks that "I have a not any laptop or window so I can't do it " it's totally wrong without window, you can do it with a smartphone. Today, they are lots of platforms where you can build your skill and earn money. You know about youtube, a blogger you also know they give you money but you have a no idea how to do it. Many platforms like youtube and blogger they give you a real money. You can earn money on mobile without investment.

1) Youtube

Youtube gives you money on mobile without investment. There are lots of videos being upload every second. We all have a knowledge and interest on some niche. You can make videos about your favorite niche and upload it on youtube. First of all, you must have a youtube channel so after that, you can upload your videos. You can earn money on mobile without investment through videos posting on youtube.

      How to eligible to earn money on Youtube

Every year channel and videos posted rates are increasing due to the craze of youtube so that youtube makes and enforce strict rules. Recently youtube lunch new policy of youtube video monetization about watch time and subscriber. The new policy of youtube eligible to earn money you must have 4000 watch time and 1000 subscriber.If less than this you can not eligible to earn money.

        How much money can earn from Youtube

If you eligible to earn money, You can earn per 1000 views 5$ depend on a country If your viewers are from USA, Canada, the UK you can get a lot of earning. Youtube takes 45%and you will get 55% every ad that runs your videos.

2) Blogs/Website

As you know that blogs give you lots of money if you have a less knowledge about blogging you can search on youtube and start earning. Choose a good topic and make a better blog. You can make a blog through Blogger or WordPress.If you are a beginner I recommend a Blogger because it"s simple and easy. You have a large screen smartphone you can easily customize themes and post on mobile.
There are lots of apps on play store customize better a blog without pc. So that, you can Earn money on mobile without investment making a good blog. A blog is easy and free no need investment. Blogger and Wordpress is totally free hosting site no need any investment but if you want to buy a custom domain(.com, .org, .edu  etc) you need to pay some money.

                 What are the best Topic in the blog

▪ Health

▪ Insurance
▪ Education
▪ Places
▪ Entertainment

  3) Freelancing

  Freelancing is one of the best popular online jobs. If you have a skill you can join and start earn huge money. Oh, don't worry if you have a skill about a create an account on facebook you can get a gob. You thought I am joking now it's wrong I am not joking I want to say that honestly, skill has a no limitation. Just small to small work can be accepted in freelancer. You have others skill like web development, online teaching, editor, writer etc can get a higher job offer on freelancer.   Freelancer has two types of people one is a job giver and other is an employee. The company offers a job for you after seeing your job skills on a profile. You can join free and show your skill on a profile job giver will search and gives you to do their job at a reliable price. You can do this work on mobile but sometimes it also needs a pc or laptop. You can earn money on mobile without investment with freelancing

          Which is the best site of Freelancing

up work↗
99designs↗(if you are a designer)

4) Affiliate Marketing 

The best trending online earning platform Affiliate Marketing. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Daily earn 500$ From Facebook .is it Possible? Facebook Video monetization

Facebook is wide and big social media networking site, where you can make several friends and start chatting, posting, commenting many more. Till now, we stay on facebook without any reasons.
peoples use facebook for timepass and tension relief. More than, two billion people use Facebook and 1.8 million monthly active users.

Until now, we post lots of funny and sad videos on facebook still not get anything besides fun and entertainment. Facebook recently launched a Video monetization new feature on Facebook so good news for all Facebook users. Now you can earn lots of money through facebook by videos posting but there are an eligibility and availability. The main process both eligibility and availability are given below.


1) Make a Facebook Page 
First of all, make a beautiful page if you have already then no problem simply skip this number.
you have a no idea how to make a facebook page search on google or youtube. You cannot use currently Facebook Video monetization on your profile. 

2) Post a Video 
after that, make videos more than 3-minute if videos are less than 3 minutes you are not eligible for Facebook Video monetization. Be careful, Facebook Video monetization only available for a page so that post a video on a page.

3) Followers  and views 

If you want to monetization your page must be 10000 followers or like if its less than this you would not be Video monetization. Others important things is viewers or watch time .monetization  system is like a youtube you must have total 30000 views. If your videos watch time less than 1 minute it's not counted by facebook. If someone watches your videos more than 1 minute its count.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

What is Affiliate Marketing or programs? How to do Affiliate Marketing?

 Affiliate Marketing is a referrals program where you are the merchant. After joining an affiliate program you get a product to sell your visitor or reader. If those people purchase your affiliate product you will get up to 10% commission. Affiliate Marketing has a large scope you can promote your product through the website, blogger and social media site. Everybody do Affiliate Marketing Blogger, Youtubers, and Digital Marketers. Many Affiliate Marketers says that the secret trick to becoming the richest is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is not easy and not also hard. First, learn and earn.


 How to do Affiliate Marketing

1) Choose Your Niche

First of all, choose your niche about what are you interested in. If you are interested in Technology, Fashion whatever you interested in. make a simple blog as your niche.while choosing a niche to think about which contents product do you want to review because of its effects on SEO. Examples if you want to sell fashion product through the blog better write your niche and contents about fashion blogs.

2)  Build a blogger or website

You can build a site through blogger or Wordpress as your niche. make a good format and good design your blog look great. After that promote your blogs through social media and others blogs. Do SEO and Make backlink get a maximum traffic on your site.

3) Research Affiliate programs 

 After choosing a nice niche and made a blog, you can research which affiliate programs are good for beginners. There are many affiliate programs like Clickbank, Amazon, Blue host, Shareasale, Commission Junction and many more. If you are the beginner I recommend Amazon Affiliate because its best.

▪ Amazon Affiliate programs 

Amazon is the most popular American E-Commerce company. The large variety of products are available here. You can be a merchant in Amazon through Affiliate programs. You can simply signup from here and start your destiny from  Affiliate programs.

Blue Host Affiliate programs

Blue host is a hosting provider website. You can do Affiliate programs through the Blue host. It provides a custom banner for every click-through link and signup you receive $65 dollars.
Signup from here

4) Choose an awesome product and contents

After that main thing remember you must choose an excellent product. If you do Affiliate Marketing on Amazon you can receive 1% to 10% commision in different category product. If you sell Videos games and console on Amazon Affiliate Marketing through, you will get only 1% discount, for example, someone buys a games console at 50$ you will get 0.5$. I recommend for all if you want high commissions you can sell women fashion and get 10% commission. after choosing a good product to write a review on your blog including all the features.

5) Build a buyer or audience

After choosing a good product build an audience through blogs and social media site. Do a lot of hard work make an audience agree to buy a product. Give your review, SEO about the product info. Maximum visitors come from Google by keyword. If your contents and keyword are used properly you will get lots of audiences. Lots of people do a review of the product on youtube and give you a link in the description thus they build a buyer an audience. You can do same create a youtube channel same as a niche, facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

6) Promote your product

At the last, without promoting you are a zero. This the time where you have a lot of friends on social media. You can easily promote your product through facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc.we are in the 21st century our connection is worldwide through different types of social media, email, and internet.
we can easily promote our Affiliate products.