PUBG Mobile Updates 0.14.5 – What’s New! Season 9 leaks

PUBG Mobile new updates 0.14.5 leaked now. What are the new things that will be added to 0.14.5? Well, on the new update, there will be many things added such as gun skins, bag skins, parachute skins, outfit and more. PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update will available on September 12, 2019. The download will be available in a game. Season 9 is about the Path of warriors. With this update, the new ranking and royal pass season 9 will be unlocked.

What’s new in 0.14.5 update?

  • The new concept “Warriors Unite”
  • An option added to share the rank of the Royal Pass
  • Added weekly mission crate reminder
  • Added new season countdown timer
  • Emotes can dismantle
  • Redesigned missions and ranking pages
  • Added Achievement chain progress
  • Purchase UC to get rewards
  • The latency of the server (Ping) can now be viewed in real-time during matchmaking
  • Removed the start island selfie feature
  • Many more

PUBG Mobile Updates 0.14.5, Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that emotes not played well
  • Fixed an issue that showed expired vehicle skins
  • Inventory items bugs fix

Patch Size

Android: 125 MB, IOS: 138.4 MB

0.14.5 Update Reward

Update the game between 12 Sep to 18 Sept to get a Parachute Trial.

Note; We will update new skins and outfits information soon.

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