PUBG mobile lite vs Free Fire: PUBG mobile lite and Free fire both available for android and ios. PUBG Mobile Lite is not available in some regions. However, Free Fire is available all over the world. Both games are best in their terms. Both are battle underground games. Today I am going to compare both games in terms of graphics, storage, bugs, features and more.

Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile lite

PUBG mobile lite is the smallest and childish version of PUBG Mobile. The Free Fire design specially for the low-end device. The Free Fire doesn’t have a child version like PUBG Mobile. Here is the Free Fire vs PUBG mobile lite comparison.


PUBG Mobile Lite: It has good graphics like PUBG Mobile. You can experience realistic graphics. Till now, It does not have a graphics setting so; It works on “balanced” graphics settings of the full version.

Free Fire: It has unrealistic graphics, but it looks cool. You can experience cartoonist graphics. It has proper graphics settings for a low-end device and an extremely high graphics option for a suitable mobile.


PUBG Mobile Lite: Controls are smooth and can quickly shoot down the enemy from long distance. The controls are just flawless. Overall, PUBG Mobile lite has a good control system.

Free Fire: It has good control for a pro player but new players can’t control the game. You have to practice well to control the recoils of guns and many more. In the future, Free Fire will be able to fix the controls and run well.


PUBG Mobile Lite: It has an only one map is available that is the Erangel. Sixty players can play the game together. You can get bored by playing games on the same map. PUBG Mobile Lite is planning to add more maps soon.

Free Fire: It contains two maps. The Bermuda map is available at the beginning of the game. You can choose any map and play without feeling bored.

Vehicles, Outfit, others inventory

PUBG Mobile Lite: The two types of vehicles are currently available on PUBG MObile lite. One is a car, and another is a bike. It doesn’t contain a good amount of outfit.

Free Fire: It contains Jeep, Pickup Truck, Monster Truck, Sports Car,
Golf Cart, Four Wheeler Motorcycle and Amphibious Motorcycle. There are many outfits available for shopping.


PUBG Mobile Lite: So far, it runs on the lowest devices. In the future, I don’t know if it works or not. Its size is around 562 MB. I am playing PUBG Mobile lite in the 1Gb RAM device, and it runs well.

Free Fire: It still runs on the lowest device. For better performance, You must have a good smartphone. Its size is around 422 MB. I am not able to play smoothly in the 1Gb RAM device.

PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire rating review

NamePUBG Mobile LiteFree Fire
Graphics 4.0/52.5/5
Control 4.5/53.0/5
Map 3.0/54.0/5

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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 Update! What’s New

PUBG Mobile Lite and Free fire are available in the play store.

PUBG Mobile Lite Download from here

Free Fire Download from here