PUBG lite recently launched a 0.14.0 version. PUBG lite improves graphics better than ever. It is a smaller version of PUBG Mobile. It’s small in size and runs smoothly on 1 GB of RAM smartphones. Let’s dive on the topic,

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 Update! What’s New

  • Added bombing zones
  • Improved graphics
  • Added emotes
  • Increased accuracy of RPG-7
  • New WP theme
  • New Rewards and outfits added
  • Updated system settings

Added Bombing Zone

PUBG Mobile lite added bombing zone (Red Zone) in a 0.14.0 update. This is a feature similar to PUBG Mobile. Bombing Zone can make any place on a map. If there are players in the bombing area, the players must stay at home otherwise, the players may die. The Bombing zone is an inspired concept from PUBG Mobile and it makes the game better than ever.

Improved Graphics

Graphics have been improved and it looks better than ever. It doesn’t affect while playing a game on the lowest game. Each update of PUBG Mobile Lite has been improved, and it gives more attention to the players.

Added emotes

PUBG Mobile lite added emotes feature in 0.14.0 updates. We can easily interact with other players through emotes. PUBG Mobile Lite added 4 emotes and they are a laugh, Hi, Clap and Love.

New WP themes and Rewards

PUBG Mobile lite added new WP themes and rewards. The new theme is clean and looking awesome. You can get some rewards like gun skins, coins, and outfits.

The new update has rolled out in the Play Store↗.

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