How do I stop playing PUBG? PUBG Addiction!

Quitting a PUBG is not easy for everyone because it is a super addictive game. PUBG is an online multiplayer game developed by PUBG Corporation & Bluehole which is very popular at this time. We usually play PUBG while reading and even eating food and that called addiction.

Playing games is the best part of entertaining us but the addiction to games is more dangerous in real life. You should follow some tips to getting rid of PUBG addiction.

Stop playing PUBG? Follow these simple step ⬇⬇⬇

1) Control Mind

We can control our habits and addiction through a mind so that controlling of our mind is the conquer to PUBG addiction. It is not easy to control our mind but not impossible too. Addiction is in our mind so that controlling our mind is getting rid of PUBG addiction.

2) Goal 

We all have a goal in life. If you do not have a goal, make it. Whatever you are interested in,
Go to the same thing. If you have the goal of gamer in the future, meditate on it. Not on a video game? if your goal is in any other way, you should get ahead of it. Quit the PUBG slowly and turn it on the target

2) Time

The most powerful thing in our life is Time. Time is only one thing in our lives that we’re never able to reacquire once it’s gone. There is no moment more important, more perfect than right now so, don’t lose your every second and every minute by playing a PUBG. Success comes from effort, hard work and dedication but the key is allocated your precious time to work not for PUBG or other video games.

3) Health

We usually play a PUBG around 8 to 10 hours in a day that cause a negative impact on health. PUBG players or other video game players are facing eye pain and headache pain in the short term or long term.  “Health is the biggest wealth” so leave it this PUBG  game and you will see having changes on your health.

4) Study and carrier

Most of the PUBG  players are a student because it is a super addictive game that particularly focuses on the age of Teen. When we start playing a PUBG, we miss concentration from our studies so that think about your future and carrier and leave it.

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