Green Glass is an open-world adventure and survival game that is available on Android and iOS. Netease developed this game in the Chinese version. It is only available in the Chinese language.
Green Glass is a 3D adventure where you control a warrior who must accompany a woman during a long journey. Along the way, you will have to cross numerous obstacles. Powerful enemies can interrupt your journey


Green Glass Review

In this game, his girlfriend becomes ill. The boy must collect the flowers to save the girl. You will start riding a horse with your girlfriend on a beautiful meadow, but as you progress, you can cross rivers, grasslands, cross deserts, and many more. During the journey, you will have to fight against some enemies. There is also a story in the middle of the game that makes the game interesting.

You can make a beautiful trip where there is sea, land, eagle, forest, etc. You get the console graphic on mobile. Green Glass has a good story. The story and dialogue are good but not understandable as there is no English subtitle.

The immersive game soundtrack gives you visual and audio and audiovisual enjoyment. Overall, Green Glass is an enjoyable game. Download, Green Glass on Android and ios by following links.

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Size: 1.01 GB

Minimum Requirement for Green Glass

2 GB RAM and 2GB Storage,