There are lots of free movie download app for android mobile, but many are paid. Our only wish is that we can enjoy entertainment on free. We look for new movies on google, find it very difficult but it is more difficult to download a movie because the website is illegal. The free movie download websites are all illegal and fraud they will lose your time. We’re listening to apps like Netflix, Google movies, Hulu plus. All of these are paid. Do not worry, there are some apps in the market that will help you a download and watch a free full movie. Let’s discuss the best free movie download app for android.

Here is the list of free movie download app for android mobile


Iflix is Netflix of Asia because it has the same feature like Netflix. You can download and watch free movies on Iflix. This app uploads new movies each day in different languages. Iflix supports 15 more languages there are Nepali, English, Hindi, Arabic etc. In Iflix you can also watch live tv if you like animation or kids channel, you can see it too. This is easy to handle and you can watch free of cost latest drama, live tv, Movies in online and offline. If you do not understand the languages given in the movie, you can see it in your native language through subtitles. This is the best free movie download app for android.

Confuse ? How to Install?

Tubi Tv

Same like Iflix but it’s a little different from others. If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, this app can be very favorite because in Tubi Tv more than 1000 movies are available. Within Tubi Tv app you can find horror movies, action movies, comedy, drama, kids, documentary, family movies and many more without any extra fee this the free full movie downloads app for android phones.


Kodi is the best video player and movie download app. The design of the Kodi is very beautiful. At 1 single tap in the Kodi, you can watch any movie and live tv free through add-ons. Kodi is the best free movie download app and also the best video player app ever


How to watch Movies and LiveTV on Kodi
  1. Open Kodi and scroll down you will see Add-ons
  2. After that, you will see dropbox small icon on the top left, click it
  3. After that, click Install from the repository file 
  4. Find suitable Add-ons and enjoy movies.

Download Kodi On Google Play↗

There are many apps that provide illegal movies, but we do not promote any illegal content. Iflix, Tubi, Kodi are the best free movie download app for android mobile. Thank you, if you are facing any problem regarding this free movie apps, Feel free and comment down.