Cyber Hunter Lite Game Download – After the huge success of the Cyber Hunter game, They launched a lite version of Cyber Hunter called Cyber Hunter Lite. If you are not able to play a big battle royal games like PUBG and Fortnite on your device, Download Cyber Hunter Lite because it designed for a 1GB RAM smartphone. You can play this game in a 1GB RAM smartphone with medium graphics.Cyber Hunter Lite is a free battle royal game same as PUBG, Freefire, and Fortnite developed by NetEase.  In Cyber Hunter Lite, the concept is the same as Pubg,  throw by rocket and pick up materials and survivals until die or win. Cyber Hunter Lite is the next generation competitive sandbox mobile game who can beat Freefire battle royal game in the future.

Cyber Hunter Lite Battle Royal Game Download

It’s packed with a host of different elements including survival, shooting, skill, exploration and many more. In this game, you can explore new places, new guns, customization character and many more. It has a huge map where you can fly in the sky and move underground.
Cyber Hunter Lite Battle Royal Game Download
The game tells the story of our future once brain-computer interfacing technology has become extremely advanced and human civilization has fully-fledged another biological process leap.


It has Smooth graphics, Balanced graphics, HD graphics, and Ultra HD graphics. If you have a one GB RAM and low-level processor on your phone then, you can play in the smooth and balanced graphic. HD and Ultra HD graphics both gives a realistic environment on your device. Overall, it has a smooth and realistic graphics that perform very well on your device.

Features of Cyber Hunter Lite

Explore, Fight and Defense

  • All-terrain is open to explore freely, waterfalls, hills, temples, and deserts
  • You can climb trees, hills, and house to find out the enemy 
  • You can build your own wall to protect yourself

Beautiful Cartoons Character

  • You can customize character through next-generation face shaping art and over hundreds of cosmetic design

Special skills, Tactics

  • Plenty of tactical skills such as optical camouflage, quantum barriers,  fire support, invisible force. 
  • You can build your own system and tactics

 Guns and Cars

  • Omega, Foxtrot, Sentinel and more guns available in Cyber Hunter Lite Battle royal game
  • Dawanbreaker, Windrider, Cowboy and more car available
Cyber Hunter Lite Game Download

 Active Pass and Season Pass

  • You can customize your character and level up in every season same as PUBG Mobile
  • You can buy clothes and open several crates 
Size = 806 MB (Updated)
Requirement = Minimum 1GB RAM and 1GB Storage
Cyber Hunter Lite battle royal game might not available in some countries. If this game is not available in your country, Use Vpn and connect the Philippines server.

Now, Available Countries

  1. Nepal
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. Philippines and more