best video player for android 2019

 Here’s the list of the best video player for Android you should use in 2019. There are so many video player apps in the play store and it’s hard to know which one is the best one. We picked up some good video player for your Android phone. This list contains some popular apps like MX player, VLC player and new video player with excellent features.

best video player for android 2019

A good video player has a smooth interface, 2k support, all format support, background video playback support, and fewer ads. Here’s a list of amazing top best 4K video player app for Android which can not only play your video file but will do that with style and without lag.

Here is the list of Top best video player for Android 2019
  1. XPlayer
  2. MX Player
  3. KM Player
  4. VLC Player
  5. CNX Player


XPlayer is top in the list because of the rich features and award-winning app of 2017 in google play store. Xplayer is powerful professional video player for android tablet and android phone. It supports all kinds of video even 2K and 4K video. If you are a great movie lover, Xplayer is going to be your favorite video player app.

  Features of XPlayer

  • Support all Kind of videos such as MP4, MKV, 3GP RMVB, AVI, etc
  • Night mode feature for eye protection
  • Auto rotate and screen lock
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Play video in a Pop-up window (which means you can do whatever you want while watching a video in android) Easy to use and great interface
  • Cast your videos to tv with Chromecast
  • Playback speed and 2K video support
  • Easy to control brightness and volume and many more features

Cons of XPlayer

  • Advertisement keeps popup while playing a video and do not support 2K videos on some devices 
Overall, Xplayer is the top best video player for android. You can definitely try this one.Download XPlayer ↗

MX Player

The MX player is the number one video player app in the Play Store with great features. It can do everything the default Video Player app cannot do because it comes with several additional features that are really useful. It supports all kinds of videos such as MP4, MKV, 3GP RMVB, AVI, etc. I have used an Mx player for 5 years, now, I see a lot of updates that are really needed this time.

 Features of MX player

  • It supports MP4, MKV, 3GP RMVB, AVI, etc, but it cannot support 2K and 4K video
  • Swipe volume up down, swipe brightness low and high are great features
  • Support Subtitles through the file and online searches
  • It supports background playback
  • It has an equalizer feature that can change your videos sound classical to other sound effects
  • HW decoder, HW+  decoder, and SW decoder supports
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Pich to zoom in and zoom out
  • Chromocast supports
  • Great UI

Cons Of MX Player

  • An advertisement
Mxplayer is all time best video player app for Android, the Mx player can be your default video player app.

KM Player

Km Player is one of the best video player app for android phones. KM player is not the only video player, it is also a good music player too. It has a speed control function that is useful for learning language studies and able to watch multi audio language movies. KM player has a multiple window mode which makes it great. It supports all kinds of videos including 4K, 2K, and many more.

 Features of KM Player

  • All formats videos are supports
  • Mirror mode
  • Night Movie
  • Background playback support
  • Play all mp3 music file on the smartphone
  • Repeat, speed, auto rotate functions
  • Google cloud and URL playback support

Cons Of KM Player

  • An Advertisement
  • Some Features like chrome cast and  pinch zoom in-out are missing

VLC Player

VLC Player is a significantly versatile video player app for Android and pc. It supports MK4, AVI. MP4, M2TS, Ogg, TS, and many more videos but not supported any 2K or 4K videos. You can watch videos and listen to songs both in the VLC player. The VLC player is intended for everyone is totally free of cost and no ads.

 Features of VLC Player

  • Support all HD formats
  • Support multi-track audio and subtitles
  • Sleep Timer
  • Can play video as audio (play video as audio)
  • Repeat Mode through A-B
  • Equalizer feature for a great music track
  • Subtitle support
  • Online stream
  • Background playback supported
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • No Lag  
  • No Advertisement 
You are frustrated with ads? VLC Player gives you a relieve because it does not show advertisement.  

CnX Player (4K HD Video Player)

CnX Player is the best 4K HD Video player for Android in 2019.  It supports all kinds of videos such as MP4, MKV, 3GP RMVB, AVI, Also 2K and 4K high-quality videos. CnX player does not pop up advertisements while watching a video. Overall, the CnX player is the best 4K video player app for Android in 2019.

 Features of CnX Player

  • Support all kind of videos such as 4K and 2K
  • Multi-language subtitles
  • Video decoder
  • Floating window player
  • Chromacast
  • Network stream
  • Plackback support
  • Repeat modes

Cons of CnX Player

  • Crash sometime
  • Old design/UI
CnX player is the best 4K video player for android in 2019 and you will definitely love it.

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