Best FaceApp alternatives| protect your privacy

Best alternatives apps of the FaceApp that you must try. Face app is being viral over social media but you are giving some personal and potentially sensitive information about yourself.
The Face app takes your picture and your face and age map you up and down. But here’s the problem, users have to download the app and upload a personal picture to the Face app and all the data is stored. They store your pictures on their servers and can sell photos to other companies. Don’t worry, many apps are similar to the Face app. Here are the Best FaceApp alternatives.

Best FaceApp alternatives


AgingBooth is the best free alternative apps of the FaceApp that you must try. AgingBooth takes your picture and changes your face to old age. It doesn’t require an internet connection. The transformation process is a little bit faster than FaceApp. Overall, It is a funny application made for entertainment purposes and does not guarantee resemblance to the aging process. If you want to protect your privacy then AgingBooth is the best app for you.

AgingBooth Features

  • No internet connection needed
  • Shake your device to see before and after views of age
  • Auto crop
  • Share with your friends via Facebook or Twitter 
Best FaceApp alternatives AgingBooth




MSQRD is also the best free alternative apps of the FaceApp. It can change your face to different looks. It has many filter effects that can be used on your face. MSQRD is the live filters app for the camera and video selfies. You can’t use the gallery to edit photos on MSQRD.

MSQRD Features

  • Lots of Amazing effects
  • You can click photos and can record videos
  • Face swap
Best FaceApp alternatives MSQRD



Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 is a funny face changer app. It has more than 600 stickers for any occasion on any subject. There are so many options for editing a photo and also a good source of enjoyment. By this face changer 2 app, you can change the shape of a photo and also background. You can make yourself ugly, weird and funny.

Face Changer 2 Features

  • More than 600 stickers
  • You can add text, stickers, makeup and more
  • Endless funny eyes, noses, hat, tattoos and more
Best FaceApp alternatives| protect your privacy

Overall, Face changer is the Best FaceApp alternative and best photo editing app.

Click Here to Download Face Changer 2 On Android↗

Note: No one can replace the FaceApp because it gives 100 % accurate results. If you want to download FaceApp click here and download it, But your privacy may be leaked.




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