Friday, February 15, 2019

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode is Finally Here

Good News for all PUBG lovers, the PUBG Mobile is all set to release the new update 0.11.0 with Zombie mode. The zombie mode has been launched at pubg mobile beta but in  PUBG Mobile, Zombie mode has the possibility of launching on Feb 19. If you want to play now with Beta version, then click below the link and download it on your mobile⬇⬇⬇😊.

PUBG BETA VERSION 0.11.0 ↗ (Android and Emulator)
Size = 17166 MB (1.7GB)

Size =  17166 MB (1.7GB)

You can also download on Emulator and enjoy!!!

NOTE: If the Provided link is not working or suspicious than comment down, we will add another link or delete this link. ENJOY😊
PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Is Finally Here

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode 0.11.0 update and Fetures ⬇⬇⬇😘

  • New guns added for Zombies.
  • Added Player Spaces
  • Added Resident Evil 2 main menu, themes, and music
  • M134 aka minigun added in Zombies Mode.
  • Combat knife for Zombies.
  • Moonlight in Vikendi Map.
  • PUBG Vikendi snow map removed from Beta Version, It will be fully Vikendi snow map.
  • New Weather will be added in Miramar and Erangel map.
  • Arcade Mode will be added  In Sanhok map.
  • Footprints track in the Vikendi Snow map
  • Fixed terrain bugs
PUBG Mobile Beta 0.11.0 still has many bugs so that wait for the stable version. Zombie Mode is an event mode where 58 real peoples fight with each other and also with zombies. The zombie mode will be day and night. The zombies are strong and generate more at night than the day. The maintenance for the new version of PUBG Mobile will start from 18th February 2019.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

3 apps for a Great Valentine day

The best smile in the world is that man that you love. Valentine's day is a great day of lovers. Love is immortal where faith and affinity are more than selfishness. Each and every year on 14th February, many people exchange gift, flowers, chocolates and many other things to their love.

If you want to make valentine day special try these apps instantly. 
3 apps for a Great valentine day

3 Apps for a Great valentine day

If you want to make valentine day special try these 3 apps for great valentine apps. 

1 ) Valentine Day Special 2019

Valentine day special 2019 is a completely well design app where you can find many love messages, love quotes, love wallpapers and also love calculator. One thing that I really love is design. Valentine Day Special 2019 app has great design and beautiful. In this app, you can get lots of love messages that can make your lover happy. The app also contains all kinds of quotes to share with your love like Promise Day, Hug Day, chocolate Day and others. This app is free but there are ads which really annoying, overall it is a good app.

3 apps for a Great valentine day

Download Valentine day special 2019 ↗

2 ) Love 2018

We fall in love with the people who make us smile and laugh. We all know that the first impression is the last impression. Love 2018 is the quotes app that makes people smile. If you want to see your special person is a smile than try this app because it contains a lot of messages with different categories.

3 apps for a Great valentine day

Download Love 2018↗

3)  Finger Love Calculator Prank

There is no love without any mistake and also doing stupid things. Finger Love Calculator prank is a truth test app, where you can put your finger in the scanner and get a result. It is a prank app that can make your friends and lover fool. Finger Love Calculator is a fully enjoyable app, Download and enjoys this app with your lover and friends.

3 apps for a Great valentine day

Download Finger Love Calculator Prank↗

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Most Viewed Nepali Song Of 2019/2075

Hello, friends today I've taken you to the most viewed Nepali Song Of 2019/2075. 

1 ) Kutu Ma Kutu Supari Dana

Published: May 28, 2017
Singer: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti, Melina Rai
Feature: Asif Shah, Nishal, Buddhi, Swastima
Views: 93M+ 
Like and Dislikes: 273k Likes and 47k Dislikes

 2 ) Maya Luki Luki

Published: Jun 7, 2018
Feature: Cartoonz Crew
Singer: Tika Prasain
Views: 45M+
Like and Dislikes: 209k Likes and 22k Dislikes

 3 ) Nacha Firiri

Published: Jul 27, 2018
Singer: Mahesh Kafle, Melina  Rai
Feature: Nishal Basnet, Swastima Khadka
Views: 39M+
Likes and Dislikes: 197k Likes and 14k Dislikes

4 ) Purba pashchim Rail

Published: May 28 2016
Singer:Rajan Raj Shiwakoti , Anju Panta
Feature: Priyanka karki, Deepak, Jitu, Kedar
Views: 36 M+
Likes and Dislikes: 72k Likes and 15k dislikes

5 )Nai Malai Tha Chhaina

Published: Feb 24, 2017
Singer: Sanjib Parajuli, Tika Prasain
Feature:  Cartoonz crew
Views: 35M+
Likes and Dislikes: 142k Likes and 12k Dislikes

6 ) Gojima Daam Chhaina

Published: Aug 20, 2018
Singer: Rajan raj Siwakoti, Melina Rai, Greeshma Shiwakoti
Feature:  Aayushman Deshraj Shrestha, Rabindra Jha, Sandip Chhetri
Views: 34M+
Likes and Dislikes: 106k Likes and 15k Dislikes

7 ) Parkha Parkha Mayalo

Published: Sep 6, 2017
Singer:  Krishna Kafle, Bindu Pariyar
Feature: Shilpa Pokharel, Puspa Khadka
Views: 33M+
Likes and Dislikes:  84k likes and 14k dislikes

8 ) Maachhile Khane Kholi Ko Leu

Published: Jan 24, 2018
Singer: Melina Rai and Saroj Oli
Feature: Cartoonz Crew
Views: 33M+
Likes and Dislikes: 134k likes and 15k Dislikes

9 ) Pahilo Number Ma

Published:  Jul 30, 2018
Singer: David Shankar, Bindu Pariyar
Feature: Deepak Raj Giri, Deepika Prasain, Deepa Shree Niraula, Priyanka karki etc
Views:  32M+
Likes and Dislikes: 109kLikes and 16k Dislikes

10 ) Surkhe Thaili Khai

Published: Aug 6, 2015
Singer: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti, Anju Panta
Feature: Deepak Raj, Dipa Shree, Priyanka
Views:  31M+
Likes and Dislikes:  61k Likes and 10k Dislikes

Friday, January 25, 2019

PUBG Lite pc lunched - No need emulator

Hello friends! PUbg has recently launched the test version of PUBG Lite pc in Thailand. Now, You can play PUBG lite pc game in lower pc without any lag and emulator. Good news for those who play PUBG Mobile on the laggy emulator. Now, You can play pubg pc lite through VPN Server.
PUBG Lite pc lunched - No need emulator

How to download the PUBG Pc Lite

  1. Click this link, PUBG PC Lite Downloader Download or official website,
  2. Download any VPN software, I recommend VPN Gate client because it is free VPN software
  3. After that, connect your pc to the Thailand server through VPN 
  4. At last, Open the PUBG Pc Lite Downloader and start download
  5. enjoy.
Pubg PC is currently testing at the lite version on Thailand server, will be a global lunch soon.
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Monday, December 31, 2018

Dead Android phone, Solution

Many things make mobile dead as if the Android phone is old or rooted. You might have heard that the software has ended. If the software is dead, normally phone disclosure or company logo is stuck like Samsung, Micromax, Oppo etc.
Dead Android phone, Solution

Today I'm going to tell you how to get software by flashing on an Android phone. Your mobile needs to flash so it requires PC. This article will help you much if your Android phone is boot loop or dead. If your Android phone is too,  lag then you can also correct it by the following method.

The following items are required to retrieve the Dead android Phone.

  1. PC/Laptop
  2. SP Flash Tool
  3. Recovery Firmware file

SP Flash Tool

SP Flash Tool is a powerful flash tool that supports all devices. It is free software which helps you to install TWRP Recovery and Custom Rom Framework on your Android Phone. You can also check the RAM of your device by this tool. This software helps you to unbrick smartphone and stops the boot loop.

SP Flash Tool Download↗

Recovery Firmware File

The recovery Firmware file is firmware ROM that is the custom software for your mobile phone. This recovery  Firmware file can easily get on Google. To find the Firmware file in google for your Dead Android phone, you can search by Model name, such as Micromax q355 Firmware file. Find the Firmware file of your own model because the wrong file can damage your Android Mobile.

How to flash Dead Android phone with a computer.

1) Download and Install SP flash tool
2) Download Recovery Firmware File
3) Open Sp Flash Tool
4) Step 1: Choose Scatter-loading file
  Dead Android phone, Solution

5) Step 2: Choose _scatter file under your custom Firmware ROM folder

Dead Android phone, Solution
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6) Remove the battery of the dead Phone and Connect your mobile through USB to the PC/Laptop

7) Press Download

Dead Android phone, Solution
8) After some time, you will see Download done
9) Turn on your android phone

Thank you, God bless you

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Speed up your Android device without any software

Initially when Android device is new, then it's going on well but later, it seems worthless. We download the cleaner apps to make our smartphone faster, but the phone gets worse even worse. If you want to speed up your Android device without any software, change some of your settings in your mobile like the animation style and Uninstall unwanted Apps.

Today I am going to tell you about the animation and others important setting as well as how to speed up the device.

Speed up your Android device by closing Animation 

 Devices take some time before a screen is loaded on another screen, that time is the window animation. If you stop window animation on your device than your mobile will run faster and also apps will be opened soon.

Window Animation

To turn off the window animation and speed of your Android device, follow the simple steps below.
  1. Go to the mobile Setting
  2. On the last Setting or within the System, you will see About phone option,  click on it
  3. Then, you will see the Build number option, press it 6 times
  4. Now, you can see the Developer options in the setting, click on it
  5. If you see the Developer option is On then there is a Window animation scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation duration scale under the Drawing section
  6. Press the Animation scale, the Transition Animation Scale and the Animation duration scale and get Animation Off
  7. Done 
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Speed up your Android device by others Method

Not only because of animation, but also for many reasons your device gets slow. You can Speed up your Android Device by following a few things below.

Check Update

Keep your device up to date because the device's performance can increase in every new update. To update your Android device, go to About Phone Options, which is in Settings.

Uninstall and Disable Unwanted Apps

 Disable or uninstall apps that you did not use. If some of the system apps that do not use, you can disable it. You can not uninstall system apps but can be disabled. Go to the app manager to disable the apps, which is in the setting. This way also Speed up your Android device without any software.


Restart makes your Android device fresh. Restart your device once in 5 days.

Watch This video for proper knowledge⬇⬇⬇

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Asus ROG A complete gaming smartphone

In today's days, people like to play a lot of games in the mobile. Asus of the ROG is a complete form of Republic of gamers. ROG is a gaming product-making company. Asus ROG has lunch with a very good feature. It looks like a gaming product.
Asus ROG A complete gaming smartphone

Asus ROG a complete gaming smartphones

Design and Look of Asus ROG

Its design and look are great. Its body is made of aluminum, so this phone is a little heavy. The logo of Asus on the back of the mobile has given gaming look to the mobile. It has a 6-inch AMOLED screen. At the bottom side, you can see USB-C port and 5 mm jack. On the left side, you can get some extra ports so that you do not have any problems playing the game. It has two air triggers, which will make it easier to play games.
Asus ROG

Processor and Performance 

It can be found with android oreo 8.1 fastest octa-core 2.96GHz Kryo, 385 Gold and 4x1.7 GHz Kryo, 385 Silver snapdragon 845 octa-core processor. The normal 845 come with about 2.8 GHz but the special ones that we've hand-picked have 2.96GHz which is super fast. This is going to be much better for your gaming experience. Most of the mobiles are hot when playing a game, but it has an internal fan on the phone that protects your processor from being warm, it's the best feature of the Asus ROG.
Asus ROG

Storage of Asus ROG

Asus rog has 4 GB ram and 512GB internal memory but this phone does not support any external card.

Camera and Battery

Asus ROG has a 2 rear camera and 1 front camera which is 12MP and 8 MP. It has a Non-removable Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery that lets you play games for a long time.

Gaming Performance

It is very special to play games in this Asus ROG because it has X mode that makes your phone's processor, graphic and performance are faster.
Asus ROG


Asus rog with 128 GB storage is $ 899, and 512 GB storage with $ 1000. This phone is expensive because it has an expensive feature. If you're a gamer, it will benefit from purchasing this mobile than buying expensive gaming controls.

In India 70000 /- (source google)
In Nepal 90000/- (expected, not confirm)