Thursday, November 15, 2018

Best Thumbnail maker app for youtube videos

Thumbnail maker is the best Thumbnail designer and Best thumbnail maker app for youtube videos app ever. It is very simple to use and editing photos. Thumbnail is best things that attract more viewers and gain popularity. Every second thousand of videos uploaded on youtube. We are unable to see many youtube videos on our busy schedule. So that if we see something good in thumbnail, we look forward to seeing it. If the thumbnail is good somebody wants to click it, if not no matter how good is your video nobody wants to watch. Now we are going to talk about the main topic "Best thumbnail maker app for youtube videos".

Best thumbnail maker app

There are hundreds of apps in the play store about the thumbnail creator. They promise to make better thumbnail but many are fakes. Thumbnail maker is the best app you can easily build your own thumbnail. You don't need to pay much money to the designer for the thumbnail. You can make awesome youtube thumbnail in mobile.

Thumbnail maker Apk

Design your own thumbnail through thumbnail maker app. From this app, In a few minutes, you can create a beautiful thumbnail. A lot of text fonts are available on this app that helps your text show better. You do not need to take copyright images from Google because you can download a non-copyright image from this app. It supports multiple layers and hundreds icon. You can easily arrange text and images on this app. Why you need to download thumbnail maker app??

  •     Increase views
  •     easy and simple to edit
  •     Free images, no need to worry about copyright
  •     Seems attractive

Thumbnail maker features

  • Support Multiple layers
  • Stylish Text Fonts
  • Photo Filters and Blend
  • Hundreds icon
  • Background grid and snap
  • Background images
  • Background colors
  • Thousands of free loyalty images
  • Zoom in and Zoom out
  • Text effects
  • 80 Text styles
  • Image Crop
Download Now On Google Play ↗
Size: 24MB
Required: 4.2 and above
Rated: 4.4 

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Hmmm. One thing that you need to know while editing a thumbnail by connecting a net their advertisement irritates you so that do not open net or you need to pay 0.76 and stop advertisement. At last, Thumbnail maker is the best youtube thumbnail creator app.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Kinemaster pro full Apk | Download Now| Best video editing Software

Kinemaster is famous top video editing software in mobile. Here you can download Kinemaster pro full Apk. Nobody gives you rich feature like Kinemaster. Kinemaster is Best video editing Software it has a rich feature never seen before. Download KineMaster pro-Apk for android with all options unbolted. Kinemaster could be a terribly powerful tool for Video writing on android. Like alternative Apps for Android, the KineMaster professional App conjointly has a drawback for its free version. The free KineMaster has a watermark. Also, few of the options on the free KineMaster aren't offered till to pay a decent cash.

We are offering you a good product without any price. Kinemaster pro is full unlocked pro video editing software. It has many features that look your video amazing. You can edit your video through Kinemaster, no need laptop or pc.
Kinemaster pro full Apk

Kinemaster features

  • Layers
  • Image slideshow
  • Cutting and Trimming
  • 3D transition
  • Great Effect
  • Handwriting and stylish text
  • Support 3D, 2D 
  • Support all format
  • Chroma key 
  • Speed Control
  • Color Filter and adjustment
  • Volume envelop and audio filter
  • Animation 
  • Color effect
  • Lock unlock features
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    Kinemaster pro full Apk features

    • Multiple Layer
    • Chroma key
    • No watermark
    • load fast No hang
    • Support All format
    • Themes and animation 
    • 3D, 2D, 4K video support

      Chroma key 

      Chroma is a special effect technique for composting videos and between 2 images based on color hues. Chroma is the transparent color of videos. The chroma is specially used in film and documentary. If your video and images shoot in any screen like blue, red, green then its special effect change your background color with a background image. Example if your video shoot in green color and you want to change green color into your favorite background than chroma key feature does you. Kinemaster pro has a Chroma key that changes your video and images to your background color hue. This is the main feature in Kinemaster pro full Apk but in a normal version, you can not see chroma key because its paid.
      Kinemaster pro Choma Effect

      If you facing a problem with installing Kinemaster pro full Apk
      Follow This Step:
      1. Go To Setting 
      2. Enable Unknown Sources
      3. Reinstall App
      4. All done
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        Important Tips

        This free pro version app is only work in offline If your data is on then, you cannot use pro version.
        First, turn off your data while using Kinemaster pro-Apk than open your app. Enjoy editing!

        If face any problem regarding Kinemaster pro. Fill free and comment down.

        Saturday, November 3, 2018

        Samsung Galaxy s10 plus specs and release date

        Samsung Company going to lunch  Samsung Galaxy s10 Mini, Samsung Galaxy s10 and Samsung Galaxy s10 plus in his 10th anniversary at 2019. All we know Samsung is a big company in the world after iPhone. They never made us sad because they always trying to bring us a good smartphone. Samsung Galaxy s10 will be a mega powerhouse with high-end performance. We are eagerly waiting for this one.
        Samsung Galaxy s10 plus

        Samsung Galaxy s10 plus specs

        The Samsung company is going to lunch the first smartphone with 5g. S10 Mini and S10 can be used 4G and S10 Plus at 5G. They will be used latest Exynos snapdragon processor. Another great feature is fingerprint scanner will have underneath the display. Samsung galaxy s10 plus might be no notch because 93 percent display filled with the screen. The touch screen of mobile even powerful now.
        Samsung Galaxy s10 plus specs


        Samsung galaxy s10 plus will have three rear cameras and 2 front cameras. The rear camera might be a 12MP wide-angle lens, +16Mp super wide-angle lens, and 13MP nano wide-angle lens. But galaxy s10 will have 2 rear cameras because its price will affordable then s10 plus. You can click your picture through a wide angle. The front camera will come with 8Mp and 6MP.


        Regarding, talk about the best things long-lasting battery is more important. Samsung not able to increase battery capacity. In Samsung galaxy, s10  will have 3500 mAh battery. You can watch and play games quite long if they increase its capacity little bit more.

        ROM And RAM ( Storage)

        Samsung galaxy planning to keep 10 GB Ram in Galaxy s10 plus. Samsung going to lunches3 device mini, s10 and plus so that their RAM and storage will be different.

        Samsung Galaxy s10 mini = 6GB RAM / 64 GB internal storage
        Samsung Galaxy s10 = 8GB RAM / 128GB internal storage
        Samsung Galaxy s10 = 10GB RAM / 256 GB internal storage (Offically not conformed)

        Other Full Specification

        • Android version 8.0 (oreo)
        • 3.5 audio jack
        • Water resistance
        • Display latest Gorilla glass v5
        • Screen Size 6.4 inch
        • Wireless charger
        • Curved Screen 6000ppi
        • 2K resolution
        • Octa-core processor
        • Face unlock 
        • 3D Fingerprint scanner
        • Touch-based sensor
        Samsung Galaxy s10 plus release

        Samsung Galaxy s10 plus price

        Samsung Galaxy s10 price is not fixed yet.  It prices might be above 700$ in the USA and  70000 in India.

        Samsung Galaxy s10 plus release date

        Samsung has planning to release Galaxy s 10 on his 10th anniversary. In 2019 Samsung will complete 10 years of quality manufacture. Sources are saying Samsung might finally introduce its much-rumored collapsible smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2019 in February, therefore we tend to may even see 3 devices. This early within the rumor cycle of either device, however, and there is lots of time for things to vary.
        Hope Samsung galaxy s10 plus will be a winner.

        Thursday, November 1, 2018

        games like GTA for android Download Now

        Open world games are one of the best things that everybody enjoys. Everybody wants to download games like GTA for android so that I have taken top 3 games like GTA. Rumor says that GTA 5 is lunch in android but this is a fake news and they earn a lot of money from unfolding fake news. I must say GTA has a massive city and ultra-realistic graphics that never compatible any device and the size of this game is also big. It supports some expensive mobiles then you never feel like playing a game. But don't worry I have taken top 3 games that stark GTA 5.

        games like GTA for android

        games like GTA for android

         battle dogs game

        games like GTA for android Download Now
        Battle dogs is an open world game belong to mafia gangster and presented by Roosten Games. It has a huge map so that you can survive easily. There are many things in this game to explore. Battle dogs game start with a grand mafia story and all the game plays are under the story it seems like a movie. It has many things that can a do bank robbery, escape from cops, a challenge to cops, shoot the helicopter etc.

        Controls are really awesome you can swipe to right forward and also left forward. It has Fist person mode and third-person mode. There are lots of unique weapons you can collect from the survival and escape from cops. It has many creatures and you can do anything whatever you want because of a creature at your control. Electric shocks and fire burn that effect seems awesome. There are many characters that show its identity. I enjoy a lot of with this game you can enjoy like me.

        • Huge Maps
        • Escape from cops 
        • Fps Mode: Great control mode
        • Unique weapons: Collect all for survival
        • Third person mode:
        • last person
        • Fly like a bird
        • Gesture is awesome
        • Control in your hand
        • The story like a movie
        • Battle tank
        • Open World Game
        Game Play Mode: Offline
        Download Size: 98.49mb
        Rated on google play: 3.5
        Download on Android: Click Here
        Recommended: 4 GB RAM, Android version 5.1

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         mad out 2 game

        games like GTA for android Download Now
        After a Mad out, Mad out team launch mad out 2. The game is good for me it's world best game because it has a mind-blowing realistic graphics. I think this is a tiny game of real-world category because I saw many games liked that over 1Gb but its still 355 MB. Name of a game suit to the game because it has a lot of mad like car racing, shooting, bomb blast seems incredible. There are many stylish cars and their speed are really awesome.

        You can go a lot of mission like racing, car parkour and many more. All the houses, plants, rood, water seems real. The mad out game has available both online and offline you can play without internet. The game's environment looks like GTA 5. One thing that must say the advertisement makes annoying but I hope a developer will improve this one otherwise graphics and control really awesome.Hope you like this game, download and play once. The games like GTA for Android you should play.


        • Huge City (Russia)
        • Racing  
        • Great control
        • Many mission
        • Third person mode:
        • last person
        • Realistic Graphics 
        • Be Mad
        • Open World Game
        • Many cars

                    Game Play Mode: Online and Offline
                    Download Size: 355 MB
                    Rated on google play: 4.1
                    Download on Android: Click Here
                    Recommended: 4 GB RAM, Android version 5.1

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                    gangster vegas mafia game

                    games like GTA for android Download Now
                    This is the game which every person searching because it's mind-blowing control and a realistic graphics game like GTA for Android by Gameloft. It has good graphics and it has a nice story to wrap up everything there are lots of things that you can do. This is the number 1 crime game ever in play store. The feature liked the most is navigation system in the map.

                    The game is just like GTA 5 means select the location where you want to reach and it will show the way of a road on a map. There are tons of weapon you can use this while surviving with cops. The music and the sound are really great also controls are pretty well. If you loved to explore then it's game is only for you because it has a free-roaming, climbing, dancing, singing and swimming. It has an awesome car, awesome outfit and the best part is it is available in offline. Don't think too much download it.

                    • Huge Town
                    • Great control
                    • Many mission
                    • Third person mode:
                    • last person
                    • Realistic Graphics 
                    • Game like GTA
                    • Open World Game
                    • Many cars
                    Game Play Mode: Online and Offline
                    Download Size: 1.5 GB
                    Rated on google play: 4.5
                    Download on Android: Click Here
                    Recommended: 4 GB RAM, Android version 5.1

                    Tuesday, October 30, 2018

                    Oneplus 6t price,review and Oneplus 6t release date

                    Today, I am going to review Most awaited smartphone Oneplus 6t. After Oneplus 6, Oneplus lunch a new phone called Oneplus 6t. It has a notch display that's gonna a fell great when scrolling a display. This smartphone brings you lots of happiness that you did not fell ever. Everybody curious to learn about Oneplus 6 so that I am doing a review.

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                    Oneplus 6t Review

                    It comes with latest android version 9.0. Oneplus 6t has a fast charging and long lasting non-removable Li-Po 3700 mAh battery. it has a 6.41 inches large notch screen seems pretty good. If you want to hide a full notch screen you can do. The main and a popular security function fingerprint scanner is underneath the display. You can unlock your phone by just touching the glass. The animation of fingerprint screen is like an electric wave it seems pretty awesome. Don't worry about security because it has two strong features one is fingerprint and another is face unlock.

                    Sad news, the headphone jack is gone in Oneplus 6t. There is a no plug for headphone you can use through data cable. The phone storage starts from 128GB and ends with 256GB. Material design and gesture are same from Oneplus 6 nothing comes with latest android version 9.0(pie) along with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. This smartphone has a two rear camera and one front camera. The rear camera comes with 16MP and 20 Mp it can click perfect picture no doubt. Absolutely, a selfie is a trending thing in social media so that Oneplus brought you a 16Mp front camera.

                    Oneplus 6t price

                    It is a great phone. All the properties to be in a smartphone are on Oneplus 6t. It lunches three categories with three prices. Prices are not negotiable but not much fluctuation. If your budget is low you can buy a little bit cheap 128GB internal storage with 6GB at $549.And if you want fast speed experience and more storage then you can buy 256Gb internal storage with 8GB RAM at $629. The price is not too much different so that you can adjust.I've shown below the mobile storage and price of Oneplus 6t.

                    128GB 6GB RAM = $549
                    128GB 8GB RAM = $579
                    256GB 8GB RAM = $629

                    India price = Rs 37999 
                    Nepal price= Not confirmed (available by Daraz on 11.11 sale Here)


                    Oneplus 6t release date  

                    The wait is over Oneplus 6t was release on 29th oct in new york. One of the most awaited smartphones will be released in India on 6 November. Rumor has said around Novemberber twenty this smartphone will release in Nepal.

                    Maybe this smartphone will be number 1 in 2018 good luck and warm wishes for Oneplus 6t.

                    Wednesday, October 10, 2018

                    best free offline games for android under 50mb

                    Friends and we are here to help you get the best free offline games for android under 50mb. You can play games up to 50MB of size in 1 GB RAM storage android phone. The market has a wide range of 4GB and 6GB RAM smartphones but we still use old smartphone which has a Maximum 2GB RAM. Being a little RAM will be run slow. Today I am going to tell about the best free offline games for android under 50mb.In the play store, there are lots of apps some of them got popularity.

                    Top 3 Android Games 2018, Would You Like To Play?


                      Best free offline games for android low MB

                    1) Alto's Adventure 

                    The simplistic background, changing elements and music and natural sounds are all just breathtaking. Controls are easy and fluid. Love the fact you can challenge yourself or just chill to all of the game's beauty in realistic mode. Easy enough for anyone to play. Fantastic stress relief and game period. This game is one of the best I've played, in terms of graphics. It's not the most realistic out there, sure, but the quality of the characters and backgrounds are unrivaled. Controls are simple and fun, but lacking in "control" - you can jump and backflip. This game is so relaxing and fun to play! Even though it has a simple concept, the fact that it doesn't need WiFi improves it a lot! I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a change of pace in a video game. Relaxing game with enthralling graphics and soothing music. All you could ask from a game. My only suggestion to make the game bet. This is the pure best free offline games for android under 50mb. If your smartphone has a storage problem it is the best free offline games for android low MB.

                    Download it,
                     Notes: Require
                     Android version  4.4 or later
                     1GB RAM
                    Size: 48MB

                    2) Dr. Driving 2

                    It's very good. You can also bring in manual gears and traffic signals to the game. It would also be good if you bring in a mode where we choose to either police or thief and be able to give a chase for each other.this game is soo cool Good graphics Many extra levels Extra cars And the main thing is it is Under 50MB Download this game. This game is so fun and it teaches you how to drive and race. This is a very good game for children who like racing games. It's an excellent game to play, you should play it. You can play this game well if you have a little bit of storage. It is the best free offline games for android under 50mb download and enjoys it.

                    Download it,
                     Notes: Require
                     Android version  4.4 or later
                     1GB RAM
                    ▪ Size: 19MB

                    3) Mekorama

                    Merkorama is a small and best puzzle game. Everything is good except for the controls. A modern masterpiece for mobile gaming. Also, love the pace of the game. Those aesthetically sound graphics, all around Isometric view, those tunes playing in the background, greenery, tiny ponds, little buildings, pathways, underwater puzzles, ALL within 5mb.Awesome This game might be the best game on the play store download it. Great game, excellent design. Clever, creative puzzles. After a few levels, it asks you between every level if you want to donate and then gives you the option to donate or give a review. It's actually cool that they're letting play for free if you can't afford to pay for a game, but it just wasn't as well thought out as the game itself and leaves you feeling extorted for what is actually a nice gesture on their part. No doubt, this is the best free offline games for android under 50mb.

                    Download it,
                     Notes: Require
                     Android version  4.4 or later
                     1GB RAM
                    ▪ Size: 5MB

                    I'm also a gamer. As a gamer, I also know the difficulty of low storage on mobile. You can play these game on low storage smartphone. At the last one thing that I say these are the best free offline games for android under 50mb

                    Tuesday, October 9, 2018

                    Email Marketing definition|How to do Email Marketing|

                    Welcome to my new chapter, I'm going to teach you this article about Email Marketing definition and also How to do Email Marketing. Email Marketing means to integrate your business through your audience via email. From Email Marketing you can easily sell any product but depend on that person whether interested or not. It's good to send an email that persons who are interested. If your audience is not interested, you should make him interested.
                    How to impress audience through email marketing ↗


                    How to do Email Marketing?

                    1) Signup in Email Marketing Tools (Email Marketing Website)

                    There are lots of tools available on the internet but some of are paid and some of are a little bit free. I personally use MailChimp because it's free but you can use any Email Marketing tools.MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribe. You can use MailChimp for free until 2000 subscriber then you will pay $10 dollar per month. Not just a MailChimp, any of the tools given below helps you to Email Marketing.

                    ▪ MailChimp

                    2) Build Email List

                    You can increase your email list through subscriber."Subscribe Me" notification cannot say that your audience does subscribe to your website. If you want to see the happy audience and seems to be subscribed you have to write better content or give something free. You can write an ebook and give your ebook free for all subscriber. It is the best idea to build your email list. Two things never forget it, one thing is that focus on your content another is that give something free to your audience.

                    3) Make a Campaign and Sent It

                    After Build Email List, you have to Make a Campaign and Sent to the audience. If you create an email, the email should be made a nice structure. There are many types of a campaign like Newsletter, Marketing Offer, Announcement, Event invitation. The campaign should be sent to your audience according to which campaign you have been using. If you want to send an email to your audience about the marketing offer, then you should send it as an offer letter.

                    These 3 things improve the first step of your Email Marketing if you want more knowledge about Email Marketing press the subscribe button. These much in this chapter I will meet you in a next chapter. Stay healthy, Stay wealthy and Thank you.