Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Save data and money on Android phones

You have 1 Gb data, but that data is over shortly after you get angry and you do not have to get data from the next time. This is not your only problem, it is a problem of many people. You may not know some settings of the mobile so that lots of money lost on the data.

Today I am going to tell you some important settings that will help you save a lot of data on Android phones.
Save data and money on Android phones

Save data and money on Android phones

Data Saver On 

If you have used the Internet from the package data, then you first need to close the background data. Data saver setting is available on all Android mobile devices. To save the data, you need to go through setting then turn on data.

Turn Off Automated Update

Turn off automatic updates or set it to wifi only from play store setting. Rather manually update apps that require an update because the update system on android doesn't actually update an app. It redownloads the newer version of the app and reinstalls it all over again on a device. This auto update thing can eat up a huge chunk data every month which can go all the way up to a couple of gigabytes of data each time you update the apps. It's always recommended to only update app that you use the most and do check what the new update brings in.

How to Turn Off Automated data

  1. Go to play store Setting 
  2. Next, there is Auto-updated apps option click it
  3. After that, you can see 3 options but you must select "Don't auto-update app" 
  4. Done

Friday, November 30, 2018

PUBG Mobile VS Garena Free Fire

PUBG is developed by PUBG Corporation and Garena Free Fire is developed by 111dots Studio. PUBG and Garena Free Fire are both battle games. Although PUBG is better than free fire in some cases the free fire gets good.

PUBG Mobile is the Popular game of Blue hole Company. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Also, many people are playing this game in an emulator. PUBG Mobile is the top game in current situations. The concept of Garena Free Fire was of the Zombie Hunting but now it has changed into Battle Royale. I must say, it's copied from PUBG Mobile but the game is worth.

PUBG Mobile VS Garena Free Fire |  Which is better?

 PUBG Mobile VS Garena Free Fire GamePlay


In PUBG, 100 peoples are dumped to the island by plane. After reaching the island, you have to pick up items such as Gun, Armours, Bag, First aids and have to survive until to die or until to win. The most interesting thing is that You can not even hide on an island because the more people die, the game zone goes over.

In Garena Free fire, the concept is same like Pubg,  throw by plane and pick up materials and survivals until die or win. This game can be very short about 10 minutes because the game area is very little.
Garena Free Fire
Garena Free Fire


In PUBG, the graphic is so smooth and realistic. This is a miracle because this type of graphic never made on mobile. If your mobile or computer support high graphics definitely it is worth.

In Garena Free fire, Its graphic is not outstanding, it is not too bad, it's a fair type. If you are using low spec mobile then it runs very well. I am playing this game in 1GB RAM.


In PUBG, the control is so smooth and also sensitivity. Graphic of grass, tree, houses, shadow looks realistic. Due to the problem of the server, sometimes lack the control. Overall. the control is awesome.

In Garena Free fire, the control is not good or not bad, it is ok. When you play the first time, you can not control the game. While playing, you'll know better.


PUBG has many types of guns such as M24, AUG, DP-28, M249, M416, AKM, UZI etc. The helmet and armor have been for the protection of your body. The bandage and painkiller material has been made to recover immediately after the player is injured.

Garena Free Fire has also many types of guns such as Bat, Parang, M500, G18, MP40, MP5, M79, M1014 etc. The gun will be loaded in this game faster than PUBG. Other items like painkiller, bandage, bombs are also in this game

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If you have 1 GB of RAM, Garena Free Fire will be better for you. If your mobile's RAM and the processor is good then the PUBG Mobile is much better than Garena Free Fire.

If you want to Download PUBG Mobile Click Here↗ (Size  1.5 GB)
If you want to Download Garena Free Fire Click Here↗ (Size 369 MB)

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

3 most importing setting to save your battery life on Android

At present time, People, who do not use the mobile phone might not find it in the world. From child to old man, every person has a smartphone. When we get some leisure time, we start using a mobile phone for a facebook or game. Sometimes, we forgot to charge then we are upset. Today, I am going to tell about top 5 most importing setting to save your battery on android. It will work on also ios platform but the setting is different.

5 most importing setting to save your battery life

Restricted Background Data

If you restrict background data, your battery and data will be saved. Many apps consume too much data and charge so that you can turn off them from setting through Restricted Background Data. This is the most importing setting to save your battery life

How to Turn on "Restricted Background Data"

  1. Go to the setting, you will see "Data usage" under the Network &setting option, click on it
  2. Next, there is a "Data saver" which is off, click on it and it will be open
  3. If there is a no Data saver option, click 3 dots in right side 
  4. Now all is set

Turn Off Location

Chrome, weather, apps, map apps, and social apps might want to pin your location. They don't invariably have to be compelled to have that ability, therefore, you'll tweak however typically they grab your location. Turn off location through your setting and save battery life.

How to Turn Off Location

  1. Go to the setting, there is a "Security & Location" option, Click on it
  2. After that, scroll down, you will see the "Location" under the privacy section
  3. Next turn off it 
  4. All done, It's never going to be automatically

Auto Updated Apps

The installed app automatically updates so that this will reduce your battery percentage. You can turn off it from google play store setting, follow this instruction.

How to Turn Off Auto Updated Apps

  1. Go to the "Play store"  
  2. Next, there is a "setting option" (swipe the right side the setting will appear)
  3. After that click on it
  4. You will see the "Auto-update app", Click on it
  5. At last, save as "Don't auto-updated apps" and exist
  6. Done,

Monday, November 26, 2018

Play PUBG Mobile Game on Window in 2 GB Ram| Phoenix OS

Good news, Now PUBG Game can be played in the window without any lag and Emulator through Phoenix OS. Phoenix is the Android operating system that you can easily install any android games and app in your window. This software will shift your computer from window to android. It's not that you lose the Window OS, you can just reboot and change it in the window too.

We have an old and cheapest RAM on the window so that we can't play any high graphics game like PUBG. We try several Emulator but it's too slow.

Play PUBG Mobile Game on Window in 2 GB Ram| Phoenix OS

Why Emulator is slow on the window?
: The Emulator is slow on the window because we are trying to run 2 operating system together. One operating system is android another is a window.

Less than 4 GB Ram cannot play any game on an emulator so that download Phoenix OS. You can play PUBG Mobile on your window without any lag.

How to install Phoenix OS on Window

Play PUBG Mobile Game on Window in 2 GB Ram| Phoenix OS
  1. GO to Phoenix os's official site Here
  2. Download the installer
  3. Install it
  4. After that, you will see the Phoenix OS icon on the desktop
  5. Double Click the Phoenix OS icon and open it
  6. Now your pc will restart and open on Phoenix OS
  7. Open, preinstall google play store and sign-in
  8. Search PUBG Mobile and download it

Possible Error While installing Phoenix OS

While installing a Phoenix OS in a computer, if you see the message "please turn off secure boot" in a display. You must turn off secure boot through setting.

How to turn off secure boot
  1. Go to setting of the window, chose "Update and setting"
  2. After that, select "Recovery option" from the left side menu
  3. Next, you will see "Advanced startup" then click 
  4. Then it will be restart, 
  5. Now, you can see the "Select Troubleshoot" option in your screen click on it
  6. Then you arrived in advanced option, after that you can see the "UEFI setting" click on it
  7. Next, you can see the "Secure boot" options, click active
  8. Save changes and exist. All done, the pc will restart
Phoenix OS supports all windows like 7,8,9 and 10. You can go to the official website of Phoenix OS and read everything.

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Note: Be careful, if you turn off your secure boot system, it will cause some problem in the future so that please do some research then make a decision. First, visit the official site of  Phoenix OS than install carefully.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Play PUBG Mobile On PC/Laptap, PUBG Mobile Emulator

Is PUBG Mobile game support your mobile? If not, you can play PUBG Mobile on PC/Laptop through PUBG Mobile Emulator. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle game published by PUBG corporation of biggest Korean video game company Bluehole. More than 350 million people playing this game you will be one of them. Many Emulator software has come to the market that makes mobile games easy to play on large display in PC/Laptop.

PUBG game is a most viral game than others in the current situation. You might have seen your friend playing this game. PUBG Mobile has a very high Graphics so that only a few Emulators support this game. I am going to tell about the Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator that I am using from a long time.
Play PUBG Mobile On PC/Laptap, PUBG Mobile Emulator

 Here is The Best Pubg Mobile Emulator 

Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator

Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator is the best PUBG Mobile Emulator because it's move smothly. It's lightweight and runs well on your computer. It has a lot of features including Shake, Fullscreen, Screen recording, Multi-windows. This Emulator supports SD 720p for a low performance, HD 1080p for a high performance and Ultrahq 2K for a top performance. You can record your video while playing a game. You can open 2 windows of the game at once if your window's performance is fast. Tencent Emulator is the best Emulator in a performance.
Play PUBG Mobile

Follow instructions to Download Tencent Emulator on PC/Laptop

  1. Download Tencent Emulator From Here↗
  2. After Download, Wait to install PUBG
  3. Enjoy 

If you are facing some problem, while installing PUBG Mobile Game then feel free and comment down. 

Pubg Mobile Emulator shortcut key

  • Mouse Left Click for Fire
  • Mouse Right Click for an Aim
  • Click Space for Jump
  • Click ALT for Freelook
  • Click 7,8,9,10 for a Bandage, Painkiller
  • Click Ctrl for Mouse Hide and Show
  • Click F for Open and Close door
  • Click F11 for a Fullscreen and Fullscreen exist

You can set the graphics low and high according to the performance of the window. 

System Requirements Of PUBG Mobile

Memory: Minimum 4GB

CPU: Dual-core Intel, 1.6 GHz

Support OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 10 pro

Storage: 1.5 GB

 I am playing PUBG Mobile Game in 4GB RAM but sometimes it's laggy so that If your system RAM is 4GB or less than this, please do not open any apps on the background while playing a game.
Tencent Emulator is the best PUBG Emulator for pc.

Chicken Dinner, Chicken Dinner, Chicken Dinner enjoy.

Friday, November 23, 2018

free movie download app for android mobile

There are lots of free movie download app for android mobile, but many are paid. Our only wish is that we can enjoy entertainment on free. We look for new movies on google, find it very difficult but it is more difficult to download a movie because the website is illegal. The free movie download websites are all illegal and fraud they will lose your time. We're listening to apps like Netflix, Google movies, Hulu plus. All of these are paid. Do not worry, there are some apps in the market that will help you a download and watch a free full movie. Let's discuss the best free movie download app for android.

Here is the list of free movie download app for android mobile


Iflix is Netflix of Asia because it has the same feature like Netflix. You can download and watch free movies on Iflix. This app uploads new movies each day in different languages. Iflix supports 15 more languages there are Nepali, English, Hindi, Arabic etc. In Iflix you can also watch live tv if you like animation or kids channel, you can see it too. This is easy to handle and you can watch free of cost latest drama, live tv, Movies in online and offline. If you do not understand the languages given in the movie, you can see it in your native language through subtitles. This is the best free movie download app for android.

Confuse 🤔 How to Install?

Tubi Tv

Same like Iflix but it's a little different from others. If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, this app can be very favorite because in Tubi Tv more than 1000 movies are available. Within Tubi Tv app you can find horror movies, action movies, comedy, drama, kids, documentary, family movies and many more without any extra fee this the free full movie downloads app for android phones.


Kodi is the best video player and movie download app. The design of the Kodi is very beautiful. At 1 single tap in the Kodi, you can watch any movie and live tv free through add-ons. Kodi is the best free movie download app and also the best video player app ever

How to watch Movies and LiveTV on Kodi
  1. Open Kodi and scroll down you will see Add-ons
  2. After that, you will see dropbox small icon on the top left, click it
  3. After that, click Install from the repository file 
  4. Find suitable Add-ons and enjoy movies.
Download Kodi On Google Play↗

There are many apps that provide illegal movies, but we do not promote any illegal content. Iflix, Tubi, Kodi are the best free movie download app for android mobile. Thank you, if you are facing any problem regarding this free movie apps, Feel free and comment down.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to make a money online|No scam| 100% Legit

Yes, you can make a money easily from online. Many articles and videos of youtube about make money from survey and etc, but the reality is that all are fake and scam. There are no shortcuts formula to makes you rich but if you do hard work in right place definitely one day you will be a rich person. Today I am going to discuss 4 websites that really make a money from online.
Blogger, Youtube, Fiver and Amazon Affiliate these websites really give you a lot of money.
How to make a money online|No scam| 100% Legall

Make Money Online From This Sites

1) Blogger

The Blogger is an online earning platform that can make a lot of money. This is the most earning platform from online. You can earn millions of dollars from a blogger. you can do things like Adsense, affiliate marketing by increasing visitors to the blogger. Do not delay, Create a website by signing up in the blogger from today. You can do blogging carrier as a full time by choosing the right topic. This is the first and highest earning platform. About how to do blogging, you can search for youtube and watch the video. Good Luck Signup Now.

Skills: Idea, Patience
Earn From: Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship.
How Much: No Limit

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2) Youtube

Youtube is a famous social media site where you can see daily a lot of videos. You already know that youtube pays for them. If you do simple hard work and increase your audience, you can easily make money through this platform. Youtube is the second biggest platform to make real money after blogger. Go and making a good video you can easily make huge money. Hurry up guys, do not wait for a time. Millions of peoples make a huge money now turn is yours.

Skills: Idea, Patience
Earn From: Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship.
How Much: No Limit

3) Fiver

Fiver is an online job platform where you can show your skills and talent. If you have a skill about anything like Web developer, Content writer, logo designer, Digital marketing etc then you can make money through this site. If you are fresher and beginner then it is a little bit harder. If you have learned a skill but have not received the job, you will get easily job from this website.
Sign Up now and start making a money.

Skills: Web developer, Content writer, logo designer, Digital marketing etc
Payment: Paypal and Payoneer
How Much: No Limit

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4) Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is a big e-commerce company who provides large sells. When you join the Amazon Affiliate program, you can get a commission by selling any goods of Amazon. Not Too easy, It's not to difficult. You can find people who buy goods. you must write about the good and promote it through google and social media site. Sign Up now on Amazon Affiliate

Skills: Idea
Payment: Paypal, Payoneer, Bank account
How Much: No Limit

I am only giving information to 4 websites. There is a lot of website like blogger example, Wordpress, Wix, Joomla and lot of like a fiver, example Freelancer, Upwork etc.